Meet our Veterinarian
We would like to introduce you to our wonderful Veterinarian!  As a pet owner and breeder one of the most important things is having a vet you can count on.  Our vet goes above and beyond what most vets will do. She has saved our 4 legged family members when ER vets suggested euthanIzing. One example is Two of our beloved Shih Tzu . They were stricken with a rare condition like Guillian Barre syndrome in people. It is called  Acute Polyrediculoneuritis. Cause could have been a vaccine, medication, virus bug, toxin in environment or exposure to raccoon saliva on something as they are always outdoors with us.  They became ill when our vet was away for a few days. The other vet we saw and the ER vets all said there was no hope. It was most likely a brain tumor or lesion or spinal tumor. They said the dogs were suffering and needed to be euthanized right away. Going with
 our gut feeling that they were feeling no pain we decided to wait. The symptoms started with rear paralysis that ascended all the way to the front. They were totally paralyzed and only able to wag their tails. Even their bark was very faint. They could not even pull their foot away from a pinch to check pain response but they did growl so we knew they felt it in spite of not being able to move at all. They thankfully did retain their ability to breath and swallow if you held their heads. Dr. Deb examinded them and after much research found a different possibility,  the condition also known as coonhound paralysis, seemed to fit. She researched how to care for them and taught us. We were devastated but she and her staff patiently took the time to show us every aspect of their care. How to turn them every so often and do massage and muscle exercises to help with keeping the muscles up and circulation. She showed us how to help them potty and keep them clean and dry. We took them everywhere in a box with a handle we made. We had to watch them all the time because if they slid off their pillows and their neck as bent they could not move to breath. It took two months before we saw them able to pull back a paw and their bark getting louder. It was the beginning of recovery and in a week they were actually walking again! We could not have done this without Dr. Deb. I often think what if we gave in to pressure and euthanized them? These dogs are our beloved family members. It has now been 5 years since they have been sick. They have been perfectly normal ever since. Running, climbing steps, jumping up on the bed,  you would have never known they were so sick.  These past 4 years with them have been  wonderful gift and we have treasured every day.  We have been thankful every day to Dr. Deb. 
This is just one example of the many times she has gone above and beyond for us. Both to save a
sick animal , do a C-section ect ,  or in researching info we needed as breeders. It is important as breeders also to have a vet who will work  hard to find the answers you need.  We realize how important our  vet is in our lives and so wanted to tell you a little about her.  If you would like to know more please feel free to give us a call at 570-578-3160  or 570-954-9283 . Even though some of the kids have their own homes , we all use Dr. Deb. She takes great care of all of the dogs in our family.

Below is Dr. Deb at her office examining a Shih Tzu puppy that belonged to my Mom. My Mom used to have some of these dogs shown and bred them for 35 years.  Dr. Deb can be reached at 570-636-1877
Dr. Deb makes house calls to examine all the dogs, as well as other pets. She then does everyone needing rabies shots after their exam.  These pics are of our most recent puppies from Paisley getting their exams and shots after the other dogs were done. Dr. Deb brought 3 staff members with her to fill out the records and forms, and help as needed. They are great ladies too
Our other pets get care too. Here is a picture of our mini Nubian Candy getting a check up.